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Wear Clarity Braces and you'll have alot to smile about. A comfortable design, an attractive translucent appearance. Andperhaps best of all, the self-confidence that comes from wearing braces that look as good as they perform.

Unlike traditional metal braces, you won't have to worry about flashing a "tin grin" every time you smile. You'll feel better about yourself knowing that the natural beauty of your teeth is shining through, and not your braces.

Clarity Braces won't stain or discolor. They'll look as good the day they come off as the day your orthodontist put them on. Clarity braceswill stay
securely in place throughout your treatment. And the metal-lined slot allows for faster treatment.
Smooth, sculptured and translucent, Clarity braces are clearly the ultimate fashion accessory in orthodontic wear. Talk to your orthodontist today about how they can create a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.


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